• Who We Are?

    Parker Cotte Inc, is A leading Canadian manufacturer of drill bits and specialty Borehole Enlargement Tools , with its headquarter located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    We are specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling Poly-Crystalline Diamond bits and specialty borehole enlargement tools with manufacturing plant located in Canada.

    We have established strong technical team of experienced PDC designers at Houston to feed the manufacturing plant at Canada based on the customer’s application demands from the field.

    Parker has established solid sales team at Dubai, Cairo and East Africa offices. All the sales team, technical support and formation compressive strength analysis software Engineers have long experience of rock bits business especially PDC and specialty Borehole Enlargement Tools in Africa and Middle east regions.


    Parker's concept behind Drilling tools business is very technically oriented. We are not selling Drilling Tools from the shelf. We are tailoring and manufacturing all PDC bits sizes/ types upon the customer application demands.


    Parker are focusing on the customer’s drilling application by studying offset data to create pC-log, which is parker engineering software recommending specific PDC bit design with features based on the compressive strength analysis, formations abrasiveness, impact applications and lithology type.


    Parker sales team experience is capable to provide Oil & Gas Companies with any type of services related to drilling bit technology .

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