• Hypercool Bits

                    PARKER COOL Series bits are designed for high performance under extreme thermal loading.

       They are optimized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

       to provide large fluid cooling capacity at all cutting surfaces, extracting maximum performance from diamond

       tables and mitigating one of the primary reasons for

       premature cutter failure. Improved durability and cutter life, high ROP, and enhanced cuttings cleaning efficiency

       are pushed to the limit in this advanced bit series.

  • Poly Crystalline Diamond Compact

    Stander bits offer enhanced resistance to high-impact loading environments. Engineered for configuration flexibility with complex and aggressive bit profiles including shorter make-up-length, thinner and higher blades as well as hydraulic designs for a wide spectrum of applications. Short make-up-length designs provide shorter bit-to-bend distance for greater DSL capability and ease of building angle to complete a curve.

Hypercool Nomenclature

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