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  •                 DIRECTION PDC Nomenclature

PDC Directional Bits


High-Abrasion-Resistance PDC Drill Bit

Hybrid cutting structure improve bit durability without scarifying ROP in abrasive hard formations

PC- SMART Software is the design tool.

         To enable the designer to utilize the heavy Diamond coverage of the PCS SMART bit on the

         inter bedded abrasive and hard lithology within drilled formation, maximizing bit stability  and bit

         cleaning without sacrificing rate of penetration.

  •   “D” FEATURE having more than single cutting structure in the same design working interactively  to support and back up each others.
  •    The cutting-structure layout of the PDC drill bit with “D” FEATURE two rows of cutters set on all blades. Each row reinforces the other to provide maximum durability over the critical nose and shoulder areas of the bit, ensuring that ROP capability is not compromised.
  • The key to achieving both bit durability and maximum ROP is maintaining drill bit stability across a broad range of down hole conditions. PCS bits with “D” FEATURE are designed using the Smart software integrated drill bit design platform, specifically to eliminate vibration, resulting in maximum stability for superior wear resistance. Their durability eliminates unnecessary trips, saving time and costs for the operator.
  • ALL PCS bits with “D” FEATURE with premium cutters (P1).

Stabilization Characteristics

Directional bits have been engineered to exhibit superior stabilization characteristics. The bits have advanced cutting structures (cutter layout) that specifically enhance their stabilization during the “hold and steer “modes of drilling.

These attributes maximize the performance of “PDC” bits, especially rate of penetration (ROP)

Effective  Gauge Pad Length

Directional bits have the shortest gauge pad lengths necessary to achieve the conditions required for steerability and gauge retention.

Directional bits have very short trimmer length, optimized gauge pad lengths and low aspect characteristics (ratio between make up length and bit diameter). These properties enhance their steering efficiency. 


DIRECTION PDC Nomenclature

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