PARKER  PREMIUM CUTTERS                                                  

Research Center

To complement the Double Row Feature Bit , PARKER alliance with high technology research centers at Canada in order to develop an exclusive family of cutters “P1-Cutters" for drilling abrasive and hard formations.

Premium Cutters Technology

  • “P1-Cutters” are much more wear resistant than cutters run in conventional applications.
  • Feature the latest technologies in both material selection and diamond interface design.
  • The inherent stability of the PC SMART PDC designs enables the superior wear resistance of these high performance cutters to be realized.

                                 DOUBLE ROW FEATURE                                                

Hybrid Cutting Structure Concept:

Having more than single cutting structure in the same design working interactively to support and back up each others.

PC SMART Software as a design tool has enabled the designer to utilize the heavy Diamond coverage of the SMART bit on the    drilled formation, maximize bit stability and bit cleaning without sacrificing rate of penetration.

FULL Backup Cutters on All Blades
FULL Premium Quality Cutters (P) or (P1)
Enhanced Cutting Structure Configuration by SMART Software
Hybrid SMART Double or Triple Cutting Structure in each design
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