• Rotary Steerable  Products Line


    •  Rotary Steerable Series bits are available in steel or matrix construction. Each bit is engineered for a specific "Point the bit" or "Push the bit" rotary steerable system (RSS) or directional objective, while maintaining ease of BHA integration. Features a designed focused on responsive and high-performance cutting structure as well as other optional features that enhance the performance, stability, durability, and directional precision of the bit.
  • Poly Crystalline Diamond Compact

    Stander bits offer enhanced resistance to high-impact loading environments. Engineered for configuration flexibility with complex and aggressive bit profiles including shorter make-up-length, thinner and higher blades as well as hydraulic designs for a wide spectrum of applications. Short make-up-length designs provide shorter bit-to-bend distance for greater DSL capability and ease of building angle to complete a curve.

Rotary Steerable Nomenclature

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