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Borehole Enlargement Tools

Bi Center Bits

Bi-center Series bits are designed to enlarge 15 to 25 percent of the pass-through wellbore in a restricted wellbore environment. Available in steel or matrix construction. A unibody design provides both shorter overall length and bit-to-bend distance for improved directional control. Features balanced pilot and reaming cutting structures that ensure both sections are equally loaded to minimize tool whirling.

Concentric Reamers

Concentric Series PDC reamers/hole openers are designed for multi-function applications. A self-centering design allows the tool to be placed either in-string as a reamer/hole opener, or above the LWD to manage excessive vibration in conjunction with a smaller diameter bit that requires less energy below the LWD. It can also be used to improve hybrid drilling where roller-cone bits are employed as pilot bits.

Eccentric Reamers

Eccentric Series PDC reamers/hole openers are designed to function as fixed-blade under-reaming tools that preclude mechanical failure because of a design that has no moving parts and also requires no specialty field operators to support the function of the tool. It can be placed above the bit to function as bi-center bit or above a RSS or mud motor to enlarge the hole concurrent with directional work.

Multi-Stage  Reamers

Multi-Stage Series reamers are concentric PDC reamers/hole openers designed to enlarge a borehole in a single run. They feature a precisely engineered multi-staged hyper-stable balanced cutting structure that ensures fast penetration rate and concentric borehole profile. Tools are applicable in rotary or rotary steerable assemblies in both straight and deviated holes. Sizes up to 32” (813 mm) are available.

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